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Wet Blast Equipment

Wet Blast Equipment

The Granowski family of Air Blast Cabinets built of high quality stainless steel and like all W. Granowski equipment they are robust and built to last.

The Granowski Wet Blast cabinet is available in the following size:
  • 915x915 mm (36x36 inches)
Alternative configurations are available, such as fixed guns and rotating tables on which the component is placed. Special turntables can be provided for heavy loads and a track and trolley loading system can be incorporated for ease of loading.

All cabinets are supplied complete with a dust collector and all necessary equipment required for the blasting operation.

Fine blasting media is mixed with water in a tank and drawn by a slurry pump and forced into a blast gun where compressed air is introduced to atomize the slurry and project it to the job.

The machine is suitable where only light cleaning and polishing of surface is required and a low production environment.

Typical applications include:
Wet Blast EquipmentWet Blast Equipment