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Hot Wash Degreasing System

The W.Granowski Pty Ltd Hot Wash is a name synonymous with reliable and high quality industrial cleaning products. Simple to use; just place the components in the machine and select a wash cycle time.

The Hot Wash uses hot water and bio-degradable detergent, which has an in-built rust inhibitor, to efficiently degrease any metal component - even items such as 6 cylinder engine blocks. The machine will rotate the components through a high pressure wash, subjecting them to grease-cutting spray. For most levels of soiling, the components will be degreased within minutes. Due to the elevated temperatures (80ยบ C max), most residual water evaporates very quickly, the components "flash drying" upon removal from the unit.

Features of the Granowski Hot Wash include an insulated body and lid, 7-day timer, thermal overloads, adjustable water temperature and a wash cycle timer. Our standard sizes are based on the horizontally positioned circular internal basket diameter - 650mm, 800mm, 950mm, 1100mm and 1350mm. Optional extras include a pneumatically operated lid, sight glass, pressure and temperature gauges, and a basket brake (pneumatic or electric). In addition, in the case of machine operation in a hazardous environment, we can provide a modified version of the standard Hot Wash; for example where the machine must be "flame proof".
Hot Wash Degreasing SystemHot Wash Degreasing System