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Degreasing Equipment

Custom-Designed Degreasing Equipment

W.Granowski can apply its aqueous degreasing technology and machine building expertise to any industrial application. Degreasing machines can be designed to suit virtually any production requirement; batch or continuous, simple wash to wash, rinse and dry, electric or gas fired.  Detergent concentration monitoring and dosing, oil removal systems, advanced filtration systems, PLC control are just some of the features that can be incorporated into the machine design. Examples of the broad range of applications reflecting the depth of experience within W.Granowski's design department are:

Domestic Water Heater Manufacture:
  • Dished-end degreasing
  • Sheet steel degreasing
  • Flue degreasing
Fire Extinguisher Manufacture:
  • Cylinder degreasing
Automotive Industry:
  • Brake shoe degreasing
  • Aluminium die-casting degreasing
White Goods Manufacture:
  • Washing machine planetary gearbox housing degreasing
Heavy Industrial Degreasing:
  • Axle box, bearing and bogie wash
  • Wheelset wash
Custom-Designed Degreasing EquipmentCustom-Designed Degreasing