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Steel Grit Abrasives

Steel grit abrasive is an angular medium produced by crushing heat treated spherical steel shot pellets. Grit is tougher and more aggressive than steel shot and is available in three different hardness specifications; GN, GL and GH. GN and GL are both suitable for airless and air blast applications and will round off during use, whereas GH will retain its angular shape. GH is the hardest of the 3 grades, is resistant to shattering and is suitable for airblast applications.

Steel grit abrasive applications:

Steel grit abrasive is suitable for:
  • foundry applications
  • structural steel plates
  • profiles & fabrications
  • heat treated components
  • mill rolls
  • ferrous and non-ferrous forgings & castings
  • stone surface texturing
Steel Grit AbrasiveSteel Grit Abrasive