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Stainless Steel Shot Abrasive

AMACAST Stainless steel shot is the most cost effective stainless steel medium due its hardness and longer life. At a minimum density 7 g/cc, AMACAST is denser than any other stainless steel shot on the market, translating to delivery of more cleaning energy per cm2 to the work surface. This resluts in improved rate of cleaning, thereby lowering production costs and blast time requirements. In addition, AMACAST's superior durability provides consistent distribution by remaining in the work-mix long after other abrasives have fractured and been removed.

  • surface preparation
  • cleaning
  • peening
  • deburring
  • descaling
  • sand
  • rust & paint removal
  • Concrete texturing
Suitable for:
  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • construction
  • Concrete
  • mining
  • agriculture and foundry industries
Stainless Steel Shot AbrasiveStainless Steel Shot Abrasive