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Plastic Media Abrasive

Plastic Media Abrasive

Plastic media are designed for specific applications and are mainly used for removing/stripping coatings from surfaces, thereby eliminating the need for solvent use. Depending on the product selected, plastic media can be used where an abrasive function is required and can also be used in non-abrasive applications. They are also commonly used for deflashing lighter components where heavier media could damage the parts being cleaned.

  • deflashing
  • coating removal/stripping
  • cleaning of machinery
  • marine vessels
  • aircraft frames
Suitable for:
  • soft metals
  • thin aluminium
  • engineered plastics
  • fibreglass
  • a variety of electric componentry
  • injection mouldings
  • stainless and mild steel sheeting
  • thermoset moulded parts
Plastic AbrasivePlastic Abrasive