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Chilled Iron Grit Abrasive

Chilled Iron Grit Abrasive

Chilled iron grit is a white iron structure which is produced from carefully selected re-carbonised iron scrap and then crashed into grit. It is an aggressive abrasive medium which shatters on impact rather than wearing round. Chilled iron grit is harder than steel and it cleans at quicker rates. Due to its hardness and performance speed, it is most commonly used in air driven machines to etch structural steel and components prior to paint, metal spray or plastic coating.

  • cleaning
  • stripping
  • descaling
  • surface preparation
  • etching
  • sand and rust removal
  • gang-saw stone cutting
Suitable for:
  • hard components
  • steel mill rolls
  • steel profiles and fabrications
  • steel castings and forgings
Chilled Iron Grit AbrasiveChilled Iron Grit Abrasive