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Winoa Group
W. Granowski Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest distributor of steel abrasives.
As the exclusive distributor of world renowned Thomas Abrasives of South Africa (a member of the Winoa Group) we have the full support of the world’s largest supplier of steel abrasives.

Not all steel abrasives are the same. W. Granowski only supplies premium quality steel abrasives from the Winoa Group.

Our premium quality abrasives will perform better, last longer, and cost you less. Download our benchmark study above and learn why quality steel abrasives are important in delivering real cost savings over cheaper products.

In addition to our steel shot and grit, W. Granowski provides chilled iron, cut wire and stainless steel shot, as well as a full range of non-metallic abrasives including Garnet, Glass, Plastic, Minerals, and Ceramics.

Talk to us about our market beating pricing, or explore how an abrasives supply contract can result in further value to your business.

Abrasives List: